Sóphroneó Photography

What would a fashion label look like if it was centred around empowering the women of the world? Not in the trend-driven way often pushed across the sector – that sees ‘Feminist’-branded T-shirts manufactured by underpaid factory workers, the large majority of whom are women – but in a truly tangible manner, with production lines and product offerings that empower both creators and wearers.

Enter Sóphroneó the label, a conscious and ethical fashion label that values sustainability, creativity and empowerment, as much as it does design.

The Story

While travelling around Sri Lanka, founder - Winona,  learnt she could produce clothing in an ethical way that also empowered local Sri Lankan women. Finding older women in the villages , who had sewing machines in their houses, then setting up remote working environments for these women.

Each of Sóphroneós pieces are hand made by individual women, without factories or mass production.

All the women involved are paid equally and fairly. The profits going back into providing art therapy for girls in a local orphanage.

Featured in Australian Fashion Journal
Sóphroneó is an Australian label prioritising integrity and ethics over sales. Putting women first and setting itself apart in the process.”
The Production

The for good purpose buisness model , brought together likeminded content creators from across the globe. We worked with photographers and film makers, from Maldives, Sri Lanka, Ireland, France and Hawaii.

Creating stunning photography that empowered women whilst also telling the story of how a simple thread of cotton brought freedom to so many.

Our photography graced the publications of Conde Nast Magazine,

Australian Fashion Journal and Hoku Magazine Hawaii.

We even had some celebrities become advocates for our clothing, just to name drop.. musical artist duo, The Veronica’s. Who shared content on their social media pages of their love for the brand.

Aoibhinn Lane, Matt Sclarandis, Iana Kanoa, Winona Bedford and Adelana France.

Featured in Hoku Magazine Hawaii
At HOKU, we’ve always made it our mission to seek inspiration from creatives who are willing to share their art with us. When connecting with designer and creative director, Winona Bedford, founder of Sóphroneó The Label, the creative spark we felt was immediate. We got to connect closely with Winona to learn the ins and outs about what sets her brand apart from the norm in the best way possible.”