Sóphroneó Digital
and Branding

What would a fashion label look like if it was centred around empowering the women of the world? We’ve seen the trend-driven ‘Feminist’ branded and marketed clothing of the zeitgeist that is often manufactured by underpaid and often female, factory workers - We mean creating positive change in a truly tangible manner, with production lines and offerings that empower both creators and wearers.

Enter Sóphroneó the label, a conscious and ethical fashion brand that values sustainability, creativity and empowerment, as much as it does design. Empowering the people it works with, it employs women seamstresses in developing countries giving them the means to provide for themselves and their families, thus creating an ethically focused business model - the more the label makes, the more it gives back. With this strong vision and ethos in mind, we aimed to create a brand identity and design roll-out that truly honours the integrity and ethics of the label.

The Story

The label required a full brand identity to market its mission with transparency and to launch its product, conveying its core values of equality, integrity, creativity and authenticity.

A brand identity includes many elements, which as a whole, create what makes it unique beyond the product on offer. It is their combination that forms a distinctive look and renders a brand instantly recognisable.

The result is a visual identity which embodies the slow fashion movement with a meaningful backstory, all the while inspired by the label’s birthplace of Sri Lanka. For the most elevated web representation, we incorporated cues of nature, people and places that speak of travel and freedom throughout the label’s website.

Visual identity and design courtesy of our design collaborator Katie Scanlon, katiescanlon.com