Fine Line

We travelled to Sri Lanka to tell the story of Human-Elephant Conflict (HEC) through the lense of film and photography. Our intention was to give back through this project, basing our model on a concept, ”Watch it, Change it”.

50% of the profits were to be given to a young girl, Ishma, who had lost her father from an violent encounter with an Elephant . The other 50% towards developing the production of further documentaries for social good.

The Story

For years, farmers and elephants have been living in conflict in Sri Lanka. The small island is occupied by small farmer holder crops, and elephants are often needing to passing through these crops, due to their instinctive need to travel long distances daily.

Sri Lankan farmers rely on their crops as their livelihood, so naturally they become protective of their land, causing them to become quite violent in their approach. Elephants respond to the violent behaviour and with a heightened sense of memory and smell they are able to remember the farmers scent.

These elephants then return to the farmers lands, taking the family members of the farmers who had once hurt them.

We explore the stories of small scale farmers who have lost loved ones to elephant encounters, in particular the story of Ishma, who lost her father.

Through the “Watch It , Change It Model”,  Ishma is able to use the funds to begin an art teaching degree in the main cities University, helping her to create a new future for herself and family.

Written and Directed by
Riccardo Bianco and Matt Sclarandis

Executive Producer
Winona Bedford

Narrated by
Wayne Brya

Featured in Vanity Fair
With a simple yet innovative concept: ‘Watch it, Change it.’ the viewer can decide to rent or buy the film and 50% of that amount will be destined to improve the living conditions of the protagonists, the remainder will instead be used for the production of new documentaries.”