We're the creative agency advocating for positive change

Our mission is to create stunning works across film, photography, branding, digital and design – all in the aid of social change. With over 15 years of cumulative industry experience, we aim to help empower brands and organisations to create with purpose.

Whilst serving your needs to create great work, our business model and revenue also filter back into our own social justice projects, putting purpose beyond profit. As of the last few years, we have been particularly focused on empowering women and children in Sri Lanka.

Our Team
Winona Bedford
Founder and Executive Producer

An Australian-born creative director and producer with a heart for social change, Winona has accumulated stellar experience in advertising agencies and production houses around the globe.

She has consistently delivered exceptional results in the domains of Experiential, Digital and Film projects, in addition to collaborating with an impressive roster of clients, including Nike, Bentley, Tik Tok, Samsung, Apple, Tourism Australia, Mitsubishi, and Miller Lite.

Winona now concentrates her efforts on projects that are true to her values, having produced compelling social impact documentaries and founding her own sustainable clothing brand.

Nate Cosford
Co-Founder and Head of Social
and Environmental Justice

Meet Nate, a qualified agro-ecologist (what even is that?) and our resident walking encyclopaedia. He loves to get down and dirty - don’t get him started on soil microbiology!

Having worked with international NGOs in regenerative agriculture, he has helped provide rural communities with long-term food security solutions, increasing their access to nutritional and medicinal food sources.

He will be your main man when it comes to working strategically to filter ours (and your) creative work into social impact projects.

Your vocation can be found where your greatest joy meets the world’s greatest need.”
Frederick Buechner
Creative & Strategy
Brand & Content Strategy
Web Design
Creative Consulting
Web Development